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Post by Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:32 am

Design new weapon Skins for three Tenno Weapons and they could be used in the game plus, earn you Platinum!

We’re looking for Weapon Skin designs for the AkMagnus, Vectis and Dual Zoren. Submit a design for one or all of these weapons and you could have your skin(s) added to the in-game Market and you will earn 25% Platinum from each sale!

Welcome to Digital Extremes first step into the world of player-generated content. This is the first contest where we put the tools in your hands to create your own art for Warframe!

Visit this Forum for full rules and information and to find out how to enter.

PC, PS4 and Xbox Tenno can participate. Keep in mind this particular contest will require prior knowledge of Photoshop and other artistic tools.

Get creative and show us your Skins, Tenno!


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